One More!!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. I had created this id a couple years back when I was feeling very miserable. Created a draft post as well but never got the guts to publish it. And I had very valid reasons for it , as you will see, I am not a great writer.

I am just another Indian girl who got married for love and now is in between things that she can’t control and that makes her more miserable every day. My life is filled with days with extremes, there are times when everything is just so good that I can’t believe i can be so lucky and then there are times when there cant be anything worse. Just another liberal married to a traditional.

As its another round of those worse days now, so i thought maybe i should finally start writing.

I have been following so many blogs which mention the plight of girls like me and it really helps me and my thoughts. Thoughts that make me feel, is something wrong with me!! Am i the one who is bent upon screwing my husbands so called perfect family!! Am I asking for something I should not be asking !!

Thanks to this online world, I can see that I am not wrong. That I am only asking for what I deserve.  I would also like to thank IHM and DG. Their blogs have given me a lot of courage in times when I could talk to no one. It still does!!!

Here comes one more indian girl stuck between tradition and her zeal to fight for her rights and happiness!!!


2 thoughts on “One More!!

  1. Hi..visiting u from IHM’s blog..I’m in the same situation as u..been fighting with my husband, inlaws and society for my rights and happiness, but now going down into the spiral, thinking may be something’s wrong with me bcoz everyone else in my circle seems to be well adjusted with these misogynistic patriarchal society’s one to talk to how i feel bcoz when i tried to talk, everyone made me feel(knowingly or unknowingly) like i’m the one in the wrong..want to start a blog but unable to organise my thoughts into meaningful posts at present..congrats on your first step in your fight for happiness..

  2. Thanks a lot K. I truly understand your situation. Its so difficult fighting your own people for small things and after awhile the relationship just doesn’t feel like worth the effort.
    You rightly said that when we talk to somebody, they made us feel that our expectations are wrong and its normal to adjust in marriage. I am not against adjustments but I believe there is a difference between adjustments and compromises plus it should be from both sides not just the wife.

    I myself don’t know what I am going to do. This uncertainty is killing me. My misery made me write and your one comment made me feel a lot better. Thanks again and please start writing. You would definitely feel better. Waiting for your posts. Take Care.

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