Rains and Me

I love rains. It makes me feel like totally calm and peaceful that I usually don’t feel. It pulls me away from all those constant worries and I am transferred to another world. Even the expectation of rain makes my heart dance. When those dark clouds appear I start humming “sawan barse tarse dil”, one of my favourites :). I smile a lot and just watch the sky like in a trance.


I just found that there are apps for the rain sound.


Frankly I would have never thought about it ever. Great idea!!

Its cloudy in my city and I am just back from work. Just sitting and looking out. Want to make a tea for myself but not feeling like getting up from couch.  All in good time 🙂


3 thoughts on “Rains and Me

  1. You certainly need to re-read the Ramayana. Are you saying that Surpnakha’s conduct was worthy of any sort of kindness/compassion?
    She cast her lustful gaze on Rama and captivated by good looks, asked him out for marriage. Rama politely declined her offer saying that he is already married and is completely devoted to his wife. Well, she should have immediately backed off after being a recipient to such crucial information; however she persisted.
    She then turned to his brother, Lakshmana and tried to work her charms on him too but her efforts proved futile.
    When she realised that none of the men were interested, she got enraged and indignant and leapt with full force to attack Sita and kill her (as she realised that Sita was Rama’s wife and she could take her place by killing Sita)
    As she ran with fury to attack Sita and tear her to pieces using her claws (hence her name Surpanakha), Lakshmana guided by his quick reflexes sprung to action and cut her nose in order to protect his sister-in-law from that fatal assault.

    Who’s wrong/evil doer in the incident.

    Rama who said that he won’t think of any other woman other than his wife Sita and politely declined her proposal inspite of Surpanakha’s persistence.
    Lakshmana who safeguarded his sister-in-law from the FATAL attack which could have claimed her life by severing the nose of Surpanakha; I think he was quite merciful as she just got away with a severed nose.
    Surpanakha who believed on making an indecent proposal to a married man even after she acquired knowledge about Rama’s marital status and and then proceeded to brutally kill Rama’s wife after her failed attempts at persuading Rama to marry her.
    Did she have sympathy for Sita whose husband she was lusting after?

    She was a demoness, not because she was born in a demon-clan but by the virtue of her own despicable actions and nature.

    Are you trying to say that a woman no matter how evil she is, can & should never be punished for her actions in a society?
    Are you trying to say that such a woman will & should go unharmed and deserves compassion in what you the so called ‘UN-patriarchal’ society?
    Do you think that a man in such similar situations should be excused? (I personally feel he shouldn’t be)

    So, I hope that Surpanakha will NOT be a recipent of your misdirected sympathies in future.

    I am saying so because many here would believe that a guy has no right to protect his own innocent woman from any attack by any woman (who could be anyone including his own wife)

    And, I believe and hopefully others too (& if they don’t, then I don’t care) Lakshmana should have followed the same plan of action (yes, it was quite impulsive since that was the need of the hour), had Rama been attacked in place of Sita since men do have an equal right to protect other innocent men from attacks by such women (the severity of crime perpetrated by a woman won’t decrease just because a man instead of a woman is now at the receiving end)

    • Hi Samar,

      Since this is your first time at my blog and replying to a completely different thing so I would answer this one time. I hope this won’t happen in future.
      Now regarding your comments, first of all, we are not discussing actual Ramayana.
      The whole post was about a book called Asura. You should see things in the correct context before saying anything.

      Now as I mentioned earlier, I have not read the book and my comments were based on the blog only. The difference between Rama and Ravana as per this book is that even though Mandodari who was kidnapped by Hanuman and his men kidnap and left naked in public, still Ravana stood by her. Even his subjects were talking bad things about mandodari still he behaved as a husband should. While Rama, though Sita has not been through anything like this still even after agni pariksha, she had to leave everything and go to Jungle. why, because Rama was more interested in his Being King and Kingdom than saving his family.

      And that is why we say Sita did right when refused to go again with this husband and chose leaving earth than being his wife.

      If you say Suparnakha was trying to force herself on any other man then she is no less guilty than any other man who does so. Force is force irrespective of gender. But again this blog was not about the version of Ramayana you have read.
      Also, since its a mythology, so who knows what was true? Its a possibility that this books version was true. History is rewritten by victors time to time and Ramayana has also changed a lot since it was born.

      I would say keep your mind open!!

  2. //Ravana is a better character//

    He actually went around kidnapping women and carrying assaults on defenceless women held in their captivity. Just read on………………..

    Ravana might have been a pious man full of wisdom (he initially was but later succumbed to basal pleasures like lusting after another woman thus proving veenashkale vepreet buddhe), I would like to inform you:

    Abduction of Sita by Ravana – Ravana didn’t invite Sita to ride the chariot with him (an offer that you think she graciously accepted).

    He tricked Sita into believing that he was an alms-seeking saint and asked (& he didn’t even do that politely; he intimidated her by saying that he would curse her if she didn’t follow his command) her to leave the security of her house/cottage to give him charity (which obviously he didn’t because it was actually a trap that he had laid to capture a helpless, innocent woman)
    Moreover, Ravana even employed his own maternal uncle, Marich to execute his sinister plan involving Sita’s abduction(and now this is another story to it; I won’t describe that in detail here but I will just inform you that uncle, Marich, was in fact threatened by Ravana to obey his command & assist him in the smooth execution of this wicked plan of deceipt else Marich would face death at his hands)

    He strongly pulled Sita by force and held on to her through out that journey across the skies while Sita kept on helplessly shouting out aloud for help.
    He even mercilessly killed Jatayu, the king of eagles, who only tried to help Sita (he was polite enough to reason with Ravana but all was in vain) on hearing Sita’s desperate cries for help during that journey.
    One blogger (I wouldn’t mention her name her) too stated that Ravana was an honourable man and reminded her, of Mr. Bingley from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and how Ravana just like Mr. Bingley wooed Sita in a gentlemanly manner. I couldn’t help but laugh at her folly.
    And, if people think that Ravana didn’t force himself Sita while she had been held as a captive in his palace’s garden.
    Ravana even tried to VIOLATE her & outrage her modesty during that time but Sita was clever enough to safeguard herself from his malicious intentions. Sita reminded Ravana of a curse that he had brought upon himself (as a result of the same abominable act that Ravana carried out against an innocent woman, years ago, whereby he would die if he ever again tried to violate another woman against her wish). It is this curse that helped Sita protect her chastity while she was held as a prisoner by the cursed Ravana and didn’t have anything to to do with Ravana’s ‘supposed’ chivalry as proved by the above mentioned facts.
    And, one of the several attempts to ‘woo’ Sita (rather an an act of treachery by Ravana) deserves as special mention.

    He asked his servants to serve Sita with a severed head of her husband, Rama on a plate. In reality it was just one of the magic tricks (very cruel indeed) played by Ravana to torture Sita and force her to accept him as her master since her husband had no died. However, his attempt was foiled when one of the Ravana’s servants (who became Sita’s friend) revealed the secret to the shocked Sita.

    The same Ravana even killed her sister’s (Surapnakha’s) husband – now, that’s a long story.

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