What’s your Favourite food?

A very common question that people might ask you as part of casual conversation is “what’s your favorite food?”.  And usually everyone has some ready answer to this simple question. After 30 or whatever years of your life, you definitely know your favorite food. If you don’t by now, then you are hopeless. Like me 😉

It sounds so stupid but I have never been able to answer this question properly till date. Recently I met one of my very good friends after 5 years and the first time after our weddings. She asked me what would I like to eat and my answer as always was, whatever you guys want, I am perfectly ok with it. Then she asked what you really like and I said anything is fine. Further grilling led to something that I felt a little embarrassed to talk about: Rice and coriander chutney!!

Before any of you think anything about my present culinary skills and if I have this weird liking due to limited options or anything like that, let me tell you, I am a good cook. And I have even got compliments from my MIL and her MIL and mother. So you get the idea 🙂

But I am not very interested in food, for me it’s mostly routine, having designated meals on time. I hate cooking and had to do this chore only after marriage as maids were not allowed. I feel my taste buds help me a lot there. Initially I used to taste it so many times at every step to understand if the cooking is going on well. From there to this day, has been a not-so-long but boring journey. Some triumphs and not many disasters!!

I can cook a wide range of Indian dishes and a little Chinese and Italian too. But even after these 4 years of cooking still can’t decide on what I really like among these.

Strangely, I find it very easy to decide what to cook when other people are invited. Seems I can figure others out more easily than I can myself. OMG I really am strange!!

So I thought this can’t be possible and gave this question a little more thought.  And guess what, even after wasting a couple of hours my answer has not changed. Here I am, with my favorite food as Rice-Chutney and I am proud of it. It’s very basic and simple and that’s what I love about it. And yes most important, it has to be done on sil-batta (kind of flat mortar-pestle).

The taste and smell remind me of those sweet days when I was a kid, whenever mom made this chutney, I never touched daal or sabzi. Just the chutney. They tried their best to make me to eat those things but its only so much a parent can do and me being me that was not possible.

So there you go. Oh you want to know my favorite food?  its Rice-Chutney!! 🙂


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