I am a simple, complicated, introvert, extrovert, quiet , boisterous.. in other words a mix of all possible adjectives in the world.. I love my husband … though he sometimes irritates me to the point that i start having doubts on our love and relationship .. but this moment has passed without severe damage to any of us i.e. till now.

I love reading !!! love the era of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte .. yeah a little old fashioned for some .. i adore Harper Lee for creating a masterpiece from such a simple story !! i wish i could do that one day.. but i am no great writer ..


4 thoughts on “About

    • Hi IHM,
      Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll definitely get these.
      And I really want to tell you that your blogs have really helped me through some tough times when I was just about to give up the fight to live my life as I wish. I have written and deleted a lot of mails to you. Never got enough courage to share with the world. Though now trying to put down my thoughts somewhere. Its really helping me clear my head.
      I am still not winning this fight but at least its a step towards my destination.


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