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Formula for relationships

As a kid, I loved mathematics, it was my favorite subject. It still is. There are a number of reasons for loving this exact science. I love that all equations have finite answers and that things are what they are. You have a big complicated issue at hand but there are ways to come to the right solution. You just need to find that particular formula that’s applicable to your question.

Why is life not like that? Why is there so such formula for relationships? Why are they so difficult to handle? If there was such a formula then I could put my life’s variables there and come to a conclusion on if staying is the right answer or leaving? I am aware of all the variables and constants just need that little precious piece to put this all together.

Seriously, when do we know that this is it!! That it can’t go beyond this point. People say trust your gut feeling, well I don’t have any, I mean, in this matter. After being so long here I don’t think my gut can tell me anything.

When I think calmly, I know that our issues are not that big and they can be resolved. But what I need to know is if the other party wants to resolve this or not. If this wish to resolve is not present then I am just wasting my time dreaming about our future that’s never gonna happen.